Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Ancient Ones

I can hear them calling
they’re crying from the past
spirits of the ancient ones
who gather to unmask

All the wrongs that have been done
the stripping of the crown
and the desecration
of our sacred grounds

Together we must stand
they urge us to stay strong
for if we fail to stay united
we all will see it gone

No longer will we know which lands
our fathers have lived on
all our old traditions
and our native tongue

all the ancient burial grounds
we’ll surely lose them all
if we fail to listen to
the ancient ones who call

-Dominic Acain

The Night Marchers

Unwavering they march
sentinels of old
stripped of their mortality
their spirits ever bold
guarding lands that once were held
sacred to a race
now neglected and polluted
a burial ground for waste
all the crown lands that they knew
when they walked as men
all that they had shed their blood for
is this how it ends?
but still they walk in full moonlight
shadows of the past
warriors of a time gone by
in spectral form en masse
guarding grounds as they once did
many years ago
stripped of their mortality
their spirits ever bold 

- Dominic Acain